Curation Policy

Here at “” we want to bring the best possible content to our readers. With this in mind, we will often cure content extracted from top quality sources on the Web.

The Internet itself was created on the basis of loving, sharing, and recommending good content from other sources on the web. Content curation consists of selecting, editing and sharing the most relevant content of the Web with our readers.

By choosing the content of your site, we give it our vote of approval. This not only means that we use extracts from your content, we also give them our highest recommendation, and we encourage our readers to read your content on your site by placing a direct link to your source material.

Our curation is designed to return our readers to your site so that you get new visitors who will be exposed to your top quality content. We curate your content because it has been exceptional in a certain way.

If you do not want us to curate the content of your website, simply contact us and request that your story be removed. We will quickly respond to your request, and put your site on our list of sites to never cure content.

Most web publishers and website owners are extremely pleased to gain greater visibility and readership for their content as a result of our curation.

Policy of curation:

Most publishers on the web recognize the importance of having their stories and articles:

– Cited;
– Commented;
– Debated;
– Discussed;
– Linked to (hyperlink);
– Have new readers exposed to their articles.

Share good content extends its scope, its impact, increases traffic, and ultimately the profit of the original publisher.

We curate your content to inform our readers, and then to indicate the original source of the content.

We want our readers to discover your content and visit your website. We want you to be more than happy that we have quoted, benchmarked or used your content.

Fair Trade standards, and court decisions are always evolving on the Web. We like to think that our standards are a notch above the strictly legal interpretation of fair dealing. We have higher standards than “Fair Trade.” We aspire to “Exalted Use.”

If you are not happy about your content, contact us and we will immediately correct the situation. We curate your content the same way we hope others will cure our content.

If you like an article on our site, you can cure it as generously as you like. In return, please give us clear credit, and a link to our site on the original content page, and a little encouragement for readers interested in visiting our website.

Take as much of our content as you think your readers will enjoy. Just Link, credit and entice the reader to visit the original site.

– That is what we are doing;
– That’s what built the Web;
– That is what social sharing means;
– Everyone wins by sharing according to this policy.

Most important…

Sharing and curation standards are evolving on the Web. Our standards may well differ from yours. If you want us to be even more generous with our links pointing to your site please let us know. If you feel your story has been overcrowded, contact us. We will fix it quickly.

Use our contact form if you have any questions about the policies described here.

We also publish the content sent by our readers. We ask them to follow our standards of curation, but we cannot monitor every item or content we receive.

If you are a copyright owner and would like some content to be removed from our site, please read our Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and our content removal procedure.